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Welcome to Silent Redemption!!!

We are a small Republic Guild that is family oriented. Our goal is to have fun and help out people. We care about each and everyone of our members.

We do guild events every Wednesday around 7:30pm EST. Check the Events calandar to sign up for the events. More info on what each event can be found in the Forums.

We RP regularly.  We follow the way of Atris truely Master the Force you must Master both Sides Light and Darkside. We have four Trials best taken around level 10 - 20.  But it doesn't matter.  They are fun they are so part of us.  Come play. 

Come and join our teamspeak server. Check the forums for the info on how to join us there.

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Rae'wynOK so I am trying to find a better balance in my real life and my game life. Starting today I am only going to be on in the evenings starting at about 7pm (EST) and will be alternating days between Imp and Pub side. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays I will be on my pub characters. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be my imp days. Saturdays will be a whatever I feel like playing day unless of course I am playing DnD or doing something fun with my family.
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