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Welcome to Silent Redemption!!!

We are a small Republic Guild that is family oriented. Our goal is to have fun and help out people. We care about each and everyone of our members.

Check the Events calandar to sign up for the events. More info on what each event can be found in the Forums.

We RP regularly.  We follow the way of Atris truely Master the Force you must Master both Sides Light and Darkside. We have four Trials best taken around level 10 - 20.  But it doesn't matter.  They are fun they are so part of us.  Come play. 

Check the forums for the info on how to join us there.

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Merlin   You are welcome!
ElothoxNot many on today, Pub or Imp.
TsuHey :sick:
Tsu   Not sure if i will come back soon , take years to re-install the game, is boring, and anyway i wont be there untill October :(
Elothox   Always good to have people back.
Tsu   Aww and i just miss the gree :sick:
Rae'wynI had to address this last night but I am going to do it again here. In the first trial, Trial of Heart, every Initiate is required to swear an Oath to the guild. For the non-force using classes there is a portion of the Oath that states: "We are Silent Redemption do you swear to never attempt to learn the ways of the Force?" As this is part of the Oath it MUST be sworn to in order to be promoted. This is mandatory and can not be looked over just because you feel like your characters back story is again the grain and different. In general we applaud unique back stories and like to explore these with you. However, in this case, since we follow the teachings of Atris and she forbade her handmaidens from using the force it is intergal to the RP that this part of the Oath be upheld. And for those that know all the lore, yes I am aware that this applied to all her Echani pupils not just those without force sensitivity, but game play wise it doesn't work so well to be a Jedi and not use the force.
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Raz'la   I know Rae. But there are sections of the Oath that are there for reasons both Game RP and Guild Unity. That line is for Game RP very explicit from the Time of Atris and she was betrayed by Brianna. That is why that line is there.

Will you be our Protector - Guild Unity and RP. We are Family and that is part of Family accepting and declaring that we will Protect one another always.

Will you be our Executioner - Guild Unity and RP. Same as above.

The line about putting Family before Self - That is there for Guild Unity and past we have had members that were Officer Ranked and forgot that simple lesson.

Never to learn the ways of the Force - Ok I feel stupid normally with this line. True. Because only applies to non-force users and in SWOTR they can not learn the force later. But it is RP from Atris and is part of her Handmaiden Oath so we retain it.
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NazliMy computer won't turn on so I'll be offline for a while. I don't know how long I will be offline depends on the diagnosis .
Addy   I am sorry! I hope everything works out soon for ya!
ElothoxMay the 4th be with you.
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