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Welcome to Silent Redemption!!!

We are a Republic Force Users Academy that that thinks of our own as family. Our goal is to have fun and help out our people. We care about each and everyone of our members.  If your with us you are Family act like it.

Check the Events calendar to sign up for the events. More info on what each event can be found in the Forums.

We RP regularly.  We follow the Path of Atris to truly Master the Force one must Master both Sides: Light and Darkside.  With the new expansion coming out I have been asked if we are "Grey Jedi".  Technically "Grey Jedi" are any that do not follow the Jedi Council's Will and codes or are part of them.  As we explore both sides of the Force we are far outside the Jedi Council's teachings - that does make us Grey.   We have four core Trials best taken around level 10 - 20.  But it doesn't matter.  They are fun they are so part of us.  Come play. 

Check the forums for the info on how to join us there.

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Rae'wynPlease stop removing the header for the website. Yes i realize it is a large but please leave it. It took forever to find a good picture of Atris as well as a good quote from her.
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Raz'laOk, I know I told in game folks this but; for the Imp-side we have discovered an exploit to get any level with a ship to MakeB at the wedding spot. So MK / Himeno if you want to do MakeB which is absolutely gorgeous we can make that happen for all the Imp-toons that want to attend and for all the Pubside Silent Redemption members to attend. Up too you hun. Congratulations on your RL Wedding on Saturday! Both of you!
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Raz'laOk for everyone Himeno / MK is out of the Hospital and her Wedding is go on as scheduled.

Take care of yourself MK!!

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